Mostbet Aviator: about the game and strategies how to win

Mostbet Aviator is an original game that helps to improve your speed and reaction time. Your prize depends on the odds you can set on your own. Aviator blends in with other games in the lobby well. In this bookmaker company, you can make money on Aviator.

About Aviator game on Mostbet

playing field

Aviator – is a classic crash game. Mostbet put this slot game on the board, so it won’t be hard to find the app. A player has to place a bet and wait until a round starts. A plane takes off, and at the same time, the odds grow. The minimum odds are – 1.00 (a plane explodes in the very beginning). The longer a gambler stays in the air, the more money he or she makes. Judging by the reviews on Mostbet’s Aviator,  the app’s biggest odds can reach 99x.

A user chooses when to stop playing and how much he or she can win. Waiting for too long is risky — a plane can explode at any time.

Aviator Mostbet: the main winning strategies

It’s easy to win playing Aviator on Mostbet. Before you come up with a strategy, you need to understand how algorithms work. Use the mostbet casino app download as a regular slot machine. The program’s RTP and volatility are already set up.

You can’t hack Mostbet’s Aviator, change the code and make money on it. The software is developed by one of the best providers. You can use the product only online. It’s impossible to download the slot machine from the bookmaker’s website.   .

Mostbet offers a demo version of Aviator which you can use to develop a strategy.  The demo version has the same algorithms and rules as the basic game. You can’t download or hack this software, too. However,  you can develop your own strategy. We recommend you to use the bankroll allocation model. There’re 4 main strategies:

  • small odds strategy;
  • average odds strategy;
  • Martingale;
  • 2 bets at the same time when playing Mostbet’s Aviator.

Every option allows you to win, but these strategies have different rules.

Small odds strategy

a game with low odds

This strategy is about locking in winnings in several seconds after the plane takes off when you play Mostbet’s Aviator. By that moment, the odds won’t be higher than 1.10. Your net profit will be 0.1 of the bet amount. The jet is unlikely to explode before the odds reach 1.10. You will win often, thus, you’ll be able to be in the black.

However, when you play Aviator Mostbet, you can face a serious disadvantage of this strategy. If you lock in winnings when the odds are 1.05 on average, the break-even point is reached at the level of  95.24%. To be in the black in the long-term run, a gambler needs to succeed in 96% of cases — it’s hard. However, the app’s developers keep no secrets. Sometimes, a jet explodes within a fraction of a second after the plane takes off, when the odds are 1.00.

Using this strategy is very risky. Mostbet’s clients should better wait for higher odds when they play Aviator.

Average odds strategy

Playing with average odds is riskier but more profitable.  A gambler has to place a bet and get the price once the odds reach 1.50-2.00. The advantage of this strategy for Aviator Mostbet  game is that the importance of the break-even point decreases. To get the money you spent on a bookmaker company back,  at least 50% of your bets must be successful while the odds must be 2.00. If the odds are 1.50,  66.67% of your bets must be successful. When these numbers are exceeded, you get profit.

It’s profitable to play with the help of a strategy, the app often lets the plane reach the desired profitability. In case of this strategy, the amount of funds you can use for betting is limited. If needed, you can use 4-5% of the bankroll. The secret of the second scheme is the reduction of risks for your bankroll when you face a run of the bad luck. You can’t find a more conservative strategy.

Martingale strategy

successful game strategy

You can win playing Aviator from Mostbet bookmaker company with the help of Martingale strategy if you observe the following 3 conditions. They are:

  1. Double bet size if your last bet is unsuccessful.
  2. Odds should be 2.00-2.05.
  3. Get back to the initial position if you win.

You can download the desktop Martingale calculator to simplify calculations. It’s better to play Mostbet’s  game with the help of this scheme if your initial bankroll is big enough because bet size increases quickly.

RoundBet sizeTotal loss if you fail

Winning once will make up for the previous losses. Let’s say, the 8th round was successful. A gambler bets 256 credits. If he or she wins playing Aviator, Mostbet bookmaker company will pay 512 credits, they will make up for the previous losses and let a gambler be in the black (512 – 256 – 254 = 2). If you use Martingale strategy and the odds are 2.0, the prize is equal to the initial bet.

Bet size increases at an exponential rate, that’s why the scheme is risky.

Two-bet strategies for playing Mostbet’s Aviator

The slot allows to place 2 bets at the same time. It’s hard to track the results, that’s why we recommend you to set up automatic payouts for one of the bets. It’s convenient to combine the model with Martingale scheme:

  1. Place 2 bets. Set up the first one to get the payout when the odds reach 2.0. Control the second bet on your own.
  2. Wait until the round of Mostbet bookmaker company’s Aviator starts.
  3. Get a payout for the second bet before the odds reach 2.0 or later.

The scheme is good both for those who love a conservative approach and those who love risks. When the odds reach 2.00, a player gets profit from both bets. If a gambler has already got a payout for the first bet by that time, he or she locks in the minimum profit. If a player continues to wait, potential profit increases.

The results you can reach playing Mostbet’s Aviator with the help of these strategies

Any of the listed strategies is suitable for this Mostbet’s slot. The most promising one is Martingale strategy, here’re its 3 benefits:

  1. The desired results are guaranteed (sooner or later, the odds of Aviator Mostbet online will reach 2.0).
  2. Be in the black after winning for the first time.
  3. Can be used if your bankroll is small. Minimum bet size is 0.1 credit.

This scheme isn’t perfect. One of the drawbacks is a serious level of psychological stress. It’s hard to maintain the desired mindset and continue to use the strategy after 5-6 unsuccessful rounds. A gambler tries to retrieve losses, increases bet size, and begins to get the prize when the odds are low.

The remaining 3 methods can be used, too, even though they are less effective and harder-to-understand than Martingale strategy. The riskiest strategy is betting on low odds. Use the scheme only after learning about the program’s algorithm. Experienced gamblers recommend not to use this format.